Gasblaster ST - Standard Range
(Manual Stemming Cartridge)

Gasblaster ST is a rock and concrete breaking pyrotechnic cartridge consisting of a sealed tubular container filled with deflagrating mixtures that upon ignition creates gas to break or split rock and concrete when properly confined.  Gasblaster is classified as a UN 1.4S device (UN0432) and will not explode or detonate when transported in bulk in its original packaging and unless confined in a hole, making logistics, storage and transportation much safer and less stressful than conventional explosives.


Gasblaster ST is available in a range of sizes, with chemical charges from 8-500g. A 17mm diameter cartridge is available for holes drilled with a 19mm drill-bit.  This cartridge size is available in a range of charge weights and lengths to suit specific applications. Gasblaster ST offers a simple, safe and more environmentally friendly option for all Blasting and Mining and Engineering Professionals wherever closer blast control is needed. Often it can be too dangerous or complicated to use high explosives in confined surroundings, whether that be below ground or close to housing and other structures.

Unlike its sister product, the Gasblaster ST requires manual stemming. However, the non-self-stemming function does mean CBS can make a size specific to the customer within the confines of our BAM approval.  Both work equally well in terms of the explosion, but crucially the Gasblaster SS is less labour intensive and allows higher productivity, which can lead to significant savings. Unlike high explosives, Gasblaster ST has a low velocity-of-detonation and therefore does not produce the type of shock wave associated with high explosives. Gasblaster works by deflagration, whereby rapidly expanding gas pressure causes the rock to fragment. Decisively, this technology produces no significant vibration resulting in less fly rock.  Gasblaster ST is a UN 1.4S classified device, enabling safer and simpler logistics in both transport and storage, as well as being CE marked

Gasblaster ST is UK engineered and manufactured from high-grade performance plastics. It comprises a sealed propellant chamber, precision located on a solid GFN core (tie rod), centrally connecting the expansion collars. When the propellant is ignited, the rapidly expanding gases deploy the unique self-stemming collars of the Gasblaster, instantly sealing the drill hole. The resulting pressure build-up then increases until fragmentation takes place.


Advantages Over High Explosives


  • Minimal shock wave

  • Low vibration and noise

  • Reduced risk of fly rock

  • Precise breaking of rock - ideal for sensitive areas or materials

  • Reduced production of fines

  • No explosion/detonation when not confined in drill hole

  • Safe, easy logistics Re transportation/storage UN 1.4S classification


Advantages Over Mechanical Methods


  • More efficient than demolition hammers or chipping tools

  • Elimination of vibration associated with electric or pneumatic power tools

  • Ideally suited for confined spaces and restricted access

  • Reduced noise in urban areas